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Grid Shape

Experimental / Composition / Narrative forms / Pen & Ink

This project's objective is to experiment with the use of abstract shapes and forms, to express or provoke certain emotions, thus creating a narration out of the series of geometric visuals. The invention of free shapes eliminates the purpose of letterform, leaving only its essence: the perception.

These shapes are extended from types but far deconstructed to an unreadable level, thus sublimed to pure expressive forms. The experiment also includes the study of spatial arrangement, and composition on the surface. The shapes are measured carefully to achieve visual balance and made aligned or connected to each other subtly. The way they are laid out, and the way they are arranged, are the narrative element of the picture.

The reason to draw directly onto the paper is because to allow me to see it in real proportion. More importantly it is carefully crafted and planned, every stroke serves a purpose, similar to Chinese calligraphy arts, accurate, spot on. The grid paper that I traced on is always a backing structure, like a Chessboard for the game, and helps refine to precision.

A3 series

June 2011